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How we do it at Nulogy

About Nulogy

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Nulogy provides software and services that leverage cloud technology and network federation that allow brands and their suppliers to bring personalized products to consumers more quickly, safely, and intelligently.

For over the past decade, Nulogy has been solving problems that no one else could solve in the supply chain. We are engineers, designers, scientists, domain experts, and people-people. We’re passionately building and supporting state-of-the-art technology solutions that connect partners, manage operations, and reveal insights in ways that were never before possible. We wake up every day, excited to make real world change through our incredible software and client experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives by making it easier for companies to bring personalized products to consumers.

The age of mass production is over. The future is a world where product customization is the norm. Thanks to advances in technology and evolving preferences, personalization is the new consumer expectation. Product customization appears in everyday variety packs, short-lived seasonal or co-marketing campaigns, and inventive promotions like 6-pack of beer with custom messaging.

The supply chain structure that is needed to make and move these products is a complex network including brands, contract manufacturers and packagers, third-party logistics companies and retailers. Nulogy connects and federates this matrix of organizations so they can better collaborate, manage, and react to bring these complex personalized products to market more quickly and with less waste.

In order to execute on our mission, Nulogy focuses on three main objectives to guide the development of our products and services.

  • Enablement

    Develop mission-critical executional solutions that enable companies to perform the activities necessary to deliver personalized products more effectively.

  • Connection

    Architect connective systems that allow companies in the supply chain network to collaborate and do business together more efficiently.

  • Intelligence

    Reveal transformative insights about the operations and network dynamics of the industry to allow for informed decision making and data-driven continuous improvement.

Our Approach

  • Quality over Quantity

    Whether it comes to feature development of our products, or our approach to recruiting, we value quality over quantity. We believe that our clients are better served by having fewer things that work amazingly than more things which are disappointing. We believe that this philosophy is a much needed rethinking of how solutions should be built for an industry plagued by bloated software that has ceased to be effective.

  • Maximize Value

    We feel that we best serve our market by focusing on the problems that no one else can solve. To move our industry forward, we passionately invest in the projects where our expertise, innovation, and technological mastery will yield the greatest business value.

  • Think Long Term

    We believe that customer success should be measured in decades, not months, and we scrutinize our customer satisfaction levels accordingly. We also believe that superlative usability and user experience is essential for long term success of enterprise software. Human factors was born in industrial environments and we feel that it needs to return to its roots where user experiences will live longer than in consumer products, and the stakes are higher.

  • Look Ahead

    We feel that to ensure we are constantly providing the most valuable solutions for our industry we must constantly be at the forefront of the trends and developments of our market. As such, we commit ourselves to maintaining deep involvement with the industry associations and events that are shaping the future of our industry.

  • It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

    When it comes to our business, we take customer and employee success personally. We know every customer is unique and put care into every touch we have with our clients from business case development, to requirements gathering, to implementation, to on-going support. We also know that for our employees to be at their best, we need to listen to their needs and aspirations, to help them learn and grow as individuals, and as part of our team.

Our Values

  • 1. Leadership in Thought

    We value being forward thinking, pushing the envelope, and challenging the status quo.

  • 2. Sharing in Success

    We value the spirit of working together to achieve collective success, and win-win situations.

  • 3. Improvement in Practice

    We value the desire and strength to always be improving.

  • 4. Agility in Everything

    We value the attitude of flexibility and practicality which bring intelligent prioritization and dependable results in everything we do.

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Product Development Team

With a founding team of engineers, Nulogy is a true product company. We derive our growth from the value of our product, not an army of snake-oil salesmen. Approximately half of our organization is dedicated to the craft of professional software product development. We pride ourselves on having well-tested, maintainable, usable products for our mission-critical applications –– hacking is limited to hack days.

  • Team First

    Nulogy believes in collective product ownership. Product quality is everyone’s job, and as such, development, design, and quality assurance professionals work on the same team, together, throughout the product lifecycle. The team dynamic is paramount –– we eschew individualistic terms like rockstar and ninja, and “passing the buck”.

  • Build to Last

    Our products must meet strict compliance and quality standards, and survive in an industry that keeps software for more than a decade on average (an eternity in technology terms). To do this, the product development team employs practices such as pair-programming, test-driven development (TDD) and a continuous ethic of refactoring and elimination of technical debt.

  • Think Agile

    Nulogy’s product development team uses domain driven design (DDD), Lean and Agile development processes to add business value consistently and rapidly. Using these techniques, Nulogy is able to release enhancements to software solutions for even our most complex problems every two weeks. Every day you will find our teams using story walls, personal kanban, retrospectives, continuous deployment, impact mapping, pomodoro time management, and more.

  • Users Matter

    Nulogy is committed to uniting the needs of the business and user stakeholders of our solutions. Conventional thinking states that user experience (UX) suffers in enterprise systems because the users do not make the buying decision. We believe that this thinking leads to long term system failure, and consequently we actively seek out the input of users through our Usability Community, and tools like UserVoice. We also give product management authority to our designers so that user needs are incorporated into every step of our product development process.

Client Services Team

Nulogy knows that having great products is not enough, they need to be backed by a first class services organization. In addition to product expertise, our client services team brings to our engagements the best practices accumulated from thousands of hours with more facilities than probably any other group in the world.

  • Trusted Experience

    Clients can feel safe in the care of our talented and experienced client services team. Our goal is to get clients self-sufficient and focused on growing their businesses, not to rack up billable hours. Every team member has been hand selected for their ability to problem solve, project manage, communicate, and work with anyone from the shop-floor to the corner office. Whether it’s developing new standard operating procedures, stepping through a complicated system integration, advising on process reengineering, or any other of our service offerings, you can be confident that our client services team is bringing you industry best practices and learnings from years of successful projects in businesses just like yours.

  • There for You

    For our client services team, the project finish line always includes going the extra mile. Overnight drives after cancelled flights. Double shifts. Mid-air emergency troubleshooting. Support at any hour. Talk to our clients and you will hear for yourself stories of our commitment to customer success. Once you’ve joined the ranks of our happy customers, our journey together has only just begun. You will have a dedicated account manager to ensure we continue to support your success into the future as your business, and our products and services evolve over time.

Meet some of our client services team members.

  • Jacob F


    Professional Services Consultant

    Once missed a flight due to a random screening at the airport and ended up driving 8 hours to Cincinnati through the night to arrive in time for training 2 hours later!

  • Grace L


    Integration Team Lead

    Creates a themed playlist whenever a new integration project kicks off.

  • Rob S


    Professional Services Team Lead

    Has led site implementations in four countries, covering both North America and Europe.

  • Maheen M


    Technical Account Manager

    When in a new city with a client, she loves finding the local hot-spots to dine at.

  • Matt M


    Professional Services Consultant

    Once had a Go Live interrupted by a power outage caused by a swan that had flown into the city generator.

  • Larry D


    Global Support Manager

    Once took a customer support call at 1:00 AM on his mobile phone while outside his burning apartment building.

  • Leo N

    Leo N.

    Professional Services Team Lead

    Ran an entire PackManager operation off a MiFi for a week.

  • Leo L

    Leo L.

    Director, Technical Account Management

    Discovered Horchata during an implementation project and fell in love with it. Is now forever on the quest for the perfect Horchata!

Leadership Team

  • Jason Tham, CEO

    Jason takes a personal approach to corporate development and leadership, whether it is understanding the evolving landscape of his clients, or initiating the next stage of growth for the company he co-founded. Active as a board member and speaker in industry organizations, Jason has gained valuable experience in business development, operations, manufacturing, product development and software engineering with a variety of global companies. At one of Kellogg’s most automated production facilities in the world, he worked in their continuous improvement and packaging groups. Earlier in his career at Magna International, Jason worked in their R&D group, responsible for new vehicle prototyping, as well as working in manufacturing and quality, where he applied methods for cost reduction within the supply-chain. Jason graduated with a Honours Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a Management Sciences option from the University of Waterloo.

  • Kevin Wong, COO

    Kevin oversees product strategy and operations at Nulogy, bringing a background in the full cycle of software development and consulting. Prior to co-founding Nulogy, Kevin performed strategic planning and program management at Microsoft for their next-generation enterprise television services. He has also worked in software development and consulting at Ericsson and two Deloitte Fast 50 companies. Kevin has an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Waterloo, and enjoys educating youth with technology through the CUTC Foundation and Charity CHAMPS, both of which he co-founded.

  • Jason Yuen, CTO, MEng

    As a co-founder and leader of the engineering division at Nulogy, Jason oversees all software development and quality assurance activities at Nulogy. He also is primarily responsible for ensuring Nulogy’s cloud infrastructure is of the highest calibre. Jason draws on a deep background in enterprise software engineering with telecom companies like Nortel, Airlink, Ericsson, and Redknee. Jason has a Masters of Engineering from the University of Toronto, and an Honors Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo.

  • Mehran Malek, VP Client Services, MBA

    Mehran is committed to making sure Nulogy’s smart, friendly, customer-focused team delivers the industry's highest level of service, from business analysis and consulting, to global support and integration services, to deployment and training. Prior to joining Nulogy, Mehran managed complex technology projects for leading providers of IP communications. At these companies he oversaw all aspects of product delivery from requirements gathering, to solution development, to testing and deployment. Mehran has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University, and graduated from Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

  • Lally Rementilla, VP Finance and Admin, MBA, CMA

    Lally is an experienced finance and operations leader with a passion for the technology sector. Prior to joining Nulogy, Lally was Vice President Finance at Lavalife Corp. where she led the finance, business intelligence and customer service teams and also played a key role in a $152 million exit for the e-commerce/digital media company. She also has extensive experience in the telecom industry where she managed the finance and contract management teams at Lucent Technologies Canada. She sits on the board of the Information Technology Association of Canada and is the founder of The Gal’s Got Game.

  • Sean Kirby, Chief Architect

    Sean is part of the founding team, and applies an exceptional grasp of computer science and software architecture principles to ensure the solutions developed at Nulogy are fast, flexible, and reliable. His technical leadership drives the continuous improvement and quality of Nulogy’s products and technology. Sean graduated at the top of his class at the University of Waterloo in one of Canada’s most competitive engineering programs.

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